Treating Headaches with Chiropractic Care

Treating Headaches with Chiropractic Care

Headaches are a fact of life for many people, with millions of sufferers all over the world. 

Headaches are also one of the most common symptoms of everyday maladies like colds and flu, sports injuries, arthritis, back pain, and dehydration, making the occurrence of headaches even more widespread, and leaving many people dependent on pain medication to cope with the discomfort. 

However, while pain relief drugs can help alleviate the symptoms, in most cases they do not address the root causes of headaches, and so are just a short term solution. Thankfully, with advances in medical knowledge and the spread of accessible treatment options, there are now more ways people can treat their headaches. For some of the most common causes of headaches, you should consider visiting a professional, experienced chiropractor to see what treatment might suit you.

What Causes Headaches?

The complicated answer to the question is that there are lots of different causes of headaches. These causes range from purely physiological, to neurological, and any combination of factors in between. 

This also means that there are lots of different kinds of headaches, each causing their own particular symptoms, and each with their own level of severity. The good news is that many headaches are the result of relatively simple lifestyle and physical factors that can be diagnosed and treated by a qualified professional.  
What Causes Headaches?

Why Should You Consider Seeing a Chiropractor?

The most common physical causes of headaches are poor posture, tension in the back and neck, and a variety of spine problems like misalignment This, combined with factors like insufficient sleep, poor diet, dehydration, and lack of exercise, create the conditions where headaches become common.  

Chiropractors are qualified specialists in delivering tailored treatment to patients suffering from headaches, as well as other complaints. The practice is grounded in a holistic understanding of the body's systems, and the scientific research which suggests that everything within the body is connected.  Spine alignment problems, which are very common and are the main focus of chiropractic care, often cause cascading issues throughout the body because of the centrality of the spine to movement and flexibility, as well as being the main highway for the nervous system. 

Because of this nuanced understanding, seeing a chiropractor is an ideal treatment option for tension headaches because they are caused by radiating tightness through the jaw, neck, and back. Chiropractic treatment can find the source of that tension, providing relief from the headache symptoms, but also reducing their occurrence between treatments too.  

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