Why Should I See a Chiropractor?

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Why should I see a ChiropractorChiropractic isn’t actually about pain… it’s about function! How do you know if you’re functioning as best as you can? Do you ever think about what your kidneys or liver are doing on a daily basis? Or maybe how strong your immune system currently is? More often than not you won’t know there’s an issue until after a symptom develops, often once the problem has been there for some time. Chiropractors look for areas in your spine that aren’t functioning correctly and are putting pressure on your nerve system – this is called a vertebral subluxation. As this interferes with the communication between your brain and all the different parts of your body it is vitally important to remove vertebral subluxation before it affects your health.

Like many others, you probably measure your level of health by whether or not you are sick. If you are sick, you have obvious symptoms and consider yourself unhealthy. Once those symptoms disappear, you consider yourself rid of the illness and ‘healthy’.

However, are symptoms really a good indication of true health? When a tooth is decaying, you don’t feel pain until the decay has invaded the tooth and it needs removing. If a valve taking blood to your heart becomes blocked, you may not have any symptoms until you suffer a massive heart attack… and often that’s much too late! The illness occurs, creating damage before the symptoms even show up! What’s more concerning is there are billions of dollars spent every year on drugs designed to take away our symptoms, thus ‘restoring us to full health’. In reality, this is just diverting your brains attention from the problem. You might feel better, but the problem remains and your health continues to diminish.

As you will have probably experienced, symptoms can fluctuate on a daily basis. Your underlying level of health is much more stable so it is not accurate to perceive your health simply based on the symptoms your body may or may not be expressing. Health cannot be based on ‘sick’ or ‘not sick’ – it is simply not that black or white. Surely no one wants to live life believing they are expressing full health when in reality they are barely just treading slightly above ‘being sick’.

So what does it really mean to be healthy? Is it merely the absence of disease or symptoms? No – it is not… it is so much more! Health is a state of optimum physical functioning, spiritual enlightenment, social well-being, and mental aptitude. True health is more just settling for average or living life ‘just above’ the bad stuff.

Your body was designed to be in balance, healthy and full of vitality. That is your natural state. If you are struggling with your health then most likely your life events and lifestyle have allowed your body to get out of balance. Treating symptoms will never create balance within the body… it will simply stop you from realising that things are not functioning correctly.

Chiropractic works with the body’s own ability to return it to its natural state of balance so that it can heal from the inside out. Stop dampening down the signals your body is sending you and start listening and taking action. With the help of chiropractic, you can get right to the problem, allowing your body to function at its best and live a life “above average”.