Where’s your wallet?

Where’s your wallet?

Monday, February 6, 2023

Calling all blokes!! Quick! Where’s your wallet? For a number of you, the answer may be “my back pocket”. While it is great to have a regular place to keep such a valuable item, your back pocket is not a good choice. Given that we all spend a lot of time sitting down, unless you remove it, you will end up spending a good part of your day sitting on your wallet. 

This may initially seem like no big deal, but it can lead to a serious issue. As your wallet is only on one side, it immediately creates an imbalance in your pelvis while sitting. The amount of imbalance obviously depends on how thick it is but even a thin wallet with just a couple of credit cards can create enough of a tilt in your pelvis to create a problem. 

As you sit on your wallet, one of your seat bones will be higher than the other. This means that side of your pelvis, and in fact that side of your entire body, is being pushed upward anyway from the opposite side. Overtime, this imbalance will create a huge amount of distortion in your pelvis and lead to stress and postural alterations throughout your spine. 

If you are experiencing discomfort in your back, then make sure your back pocket is not the place that you store your wallet. And if you do carry your wallet here, make the change now before you create further imbalance in your body. It seems like such a little thing but numerous people around the globe have unintentionally put additional pressure on their spines simply through this practice. Correcting this habit can help protect your spine and body from unnecessary stress which in turn helps you stay healthy. 

So, take note over the next few days where you keep your wallet and start looking at alternatives. Perhaps the man-bag is not just a fashion item after all. 

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