Osteoporosis Quiz

Osteoporosis Quiz

Monday, February 24, 2020

Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones become thin, weak and fragile. It is becoming more common in Australia with around 3.8% of the population having osteoprososis. But as a nation, we still do not fully understand the risk factors and how we can reduce our chances of developing osteoporosis. Why not take our quiz and test your knowledge on osteoporosis (bone thinning)?

1.      The best exercise program for preventing osteoporosis is

A.    Swimming and gentle stretching?

B.     Regular walking, squatting and working-out with weights?

C.     A heavy exercise program of running three hours each day?

D.    No exercise at all?

2.      People should start taking steps to prevent osteoporosis

A.    When they reach 50?

B.     When they are teenagers?

3.      Astronauts returning from space may lose bone mass and density due to the effect of being in a weightless environment?

A.    True          B.  False

4.      Men rarely get osteoporosis?

A.    True          B.  False

5.      Weight bearing exercise may increase bone mass even in older people?

A.    True          B.  False

6.      Consuming large amounts of the following does NOT increase the risk of osteoporosis

A.    Tea and coffee?          B.  Soft drinks?

C.  Sardines                      D.  Alcohol? 

      7.   Early menopause increases the risk of osteoporosis?

            A.  True          B.  False

      8.   Stronger muscles often correlates with stronger bones?

           A.  True           B.  False

     9.  Which of the following increase the risk of osteoporosis?

          A.  Yo-Yo dieting?

          B.  Taking Corticosteroids, thyroid medications, Anticonvulsants or Anticoagulants?

          C.  Lack of exposure to sunlight?

          D.  All of the above?

    10.  Which of the following may improve your spinal function and thereby improve your     spinal function and thereby increase your capacity for exercise

           A.  Sleeping-in till noon every day?

           B.  Spending long periods driving or sitting at the computer?

           C.  Showing your children how you can still ride a skateboard (even though it’s been more than 10 years since you last rode one)?

           D.  Visits to your Chiropractor?

How’d you do on the Osteoporosis Quiz? Answers down below:

1.      B;  2.  B;  3.  A;  4.  B;  5.  A;  6.  C;  7.  A;  8.  A;  9.  D;  10.  D


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