Keep on Moving

Keep on Moving

Sunday, April 5, 2020

The human body is designed for motion. Its frame is engineered to move effectively and efficiently. It is not designed for prolonged sitting on the couch, lengthy drives in a car and long hours at a computer work station.

Movement brings a wealth of positive effects to the spine. Motion keeps us young and helps add years to our lives. A major difference between a “young” person and an “old” person is the ability to move correctly. Proper motion increases blood flow, builds muscle strength, improves bone strength, decreases muscles tension and provides relief from static body positioning.

Take note and watch your body move throughout the day. How many hours do you sit? Do you take the stairs or the elevator? When does your body feel restless, fidgety, or tired? Do you feel the need to stretch, move, or blow out the cobwebs?

Your daily exercise should be doable and not require you to take a fitness class to accomplish. This type of exercise is more about moving your body than giving yourself the most challenging workout of your life.

It’s okay to star small: walk down the hall to talk to your colleague instead of emailing, take the stairs instead of the lift or do chair yoga at your desk. Try some simple stretches in the morning or evening, take your dog one extra block during your evening walk or dance to your favourite music in the comfort of your living room! As you practice paying attention to your body, you’ll notice more and more opportunities to keep your body moving throughout the day.

The important thing to remember is that you need to move your body each and every day to stay healthy and happy. Don’t make exercise in to a huge obstacle to overcome. Find a way to fit more movement into your daily life and more life into your movement!

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