How Are You Driving?

How Are You Driving?

Tuesday, August 10, 2021 Driving

As you sit and read this article, you may either be in a seat waiting for your next chiropractic adjustment, or at home, after a chiropractic adjustment. So either way, you will either get in the car, or have already gotten out of the car. We may not realise that how we sit in the car can contribute positively or negatively to our posture which affects our chiropractic care.

Here are some tips on correct posture while you’re driving, so that you can be more aware of your posture and minimise traps that may hinder your chiropractic care.


●       Get in carefully, one leg following the other, avoiding sliding in quickly to imbalance the sacrum and pelvis.

●       Make sure your headrest is in the proper position for your head, not too high or too low.

●       Sit with your bottom right up against the back of the car seat; no slouching.

●       Keep your back upright or just slightly back.

●       Avoid leaning your body to one side onto the armrest.

●       Keep even weight on both sides.

●       Avoid leaning neck and upper body forward as if still sitting at a computer with a forward head posture.

●       Males: Don’t sit on your wallet. That can cause an imbalance in your pelvis which will affect the rest of your spine.

●       Be careful not to sit too close to the wheel, nor too far and overstretch your legs.

●       If the car has lumbar support, adjust accordingly. If it does not, consider a lumbar support pillow or rolled up towel. (Ask us to recommend how thick, if you are concerned about this.)

●       Keep your legs with your knees just above your hips while seated.

●       Avoid leg rotating out (hip external rotation) if not using it to change gears.

●       Keep arms relaxed; try not to be too tense and stiff while holding the steering wheel.


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