Getting the Most from Your Chiropractic Care

Getting the Most from Your Chiropractic Care

Monday, December 19, 2022

While the actual techniques used by your chiropractor will vary according to your individual health needs, the goal is always to maximise your health potential. One powerful tool often used by chiropractic is the spinal adjustment. The spinal adjustment is a very precise and specific pressure used to correct spinal imbalance that alters nerve and muscle function. Building a stronger and healthier body shouldn’t stop after your adjustment though. Here are some things you can do to get the most from your chiropractic care.

Improve your healing power an add years to your life\

Research indicates you will add an average of 14 years to your life if you just do four little things:

  • Eat lots of fruit and vegetables
  • Don’t smoke
  • Exercise
  • Drink alcohol in moderation

Nourish your body

Lookout for immune boosting foods – 5 things to look for foods that are richly coloured, fresh, organically grown, in season and likely produced. If you can’t satisfy all five requirements, three out of the five isn’t bad.

Monitor your sugar intake as this lowers your immunity. Carbonated soft drinks are not only high in sugar but they also remove calcium from your bones. Drink water or fresh juices instead.

Take time to breathe

Just because we’re breathing doesn’t mean we’re doing it properly. Our cells, especially the brain and nerve cells, need adequate oxygen to function correctly. Many people are ‘Chest breathers’ rather than ‘diaphragm breathers’. Chest breathers have an altered body posture as well as poorer oxygen exchange. When you breathe with your chest, your upper ribs and shoulders rise on inspiration leading to neck and shoulder tightness.

Relaxed breathing should engage diaphragm. When this occurs, your shoulders remain relaxed. When you inspire your lower ribs open out in your abdomen is gently pushed forward as the diaphragm pulls down. Birth the lower ribs and abdomen should then lightly sink back in when you exhale.

Plan your adjustment

Try to rearrange your chiropractic adjustments so that you have time to walk for 10 minutes immediately afterwards rather than having to rush off in the car. Movement after an investment is great, although overly strenuous activity is not ideal, especially if you’re new to chiropractic care.

Be posture aware

Understand how to hold the natural spinal curves when you were sitting and standing. Be aware of your Koran training to become naturally active, especially when bending and twisting. Your chiropractic can help you with understanding how to do this.

Wallets and handbags

Guys – don’t sit with your wallet in your back pocket. Ladies – lighten the load in that handbag and leave the kitchen sink at home!

Keep on track with your appointments

Like laying down bricks, one adjustment builds on the previous one period keeping up with regular appointments helps ensure positive changes overtime.

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