Five steps to Spring clean your body for Summer

Five steps to Spring clean your body for Summer

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

It’s that time of year again when we start defrosting from winter and come out of hibernation. However, unlike the bears, we have been eating quite well during the cold months but doing about the same amount of exercise as our sleeping friends. As a result our weight might be tipping the scales on the heavy side. So, instead of jumping back into exercise that you haven’t done for 4 to 6 months (or even longer), think about how you will set up your program and gradually ease back into the levels of exercise you knew.

If there are any niggling or nagging problems, get them checked out by your chiropractor. These are the body’s warning signs that all is not right, and could eventually lead to bigger problems in the future. Your chiropractor can treat these problems using various techniques and may be able to recommend strengthening exercises to help improve the musculature support around a trouble spot.

Five Steps to Spring Clean Your Body

Step 1

Write down your health goals. You will know how long you are able to maintain motivation, so make sure your goal is achievable in this time frame. For some of us this may be only two weeks, more disciplined people may manage a three-month goal. Next set out the little things you need to do each day to reach your goal. Rewrite your daily routine every morning! For example – Two Week Goal: Be able to walk 2kms. Daily Goal: Eat a healthy breakfast and dinner; drink 2 litres of water and complete 30mins cardiovascular exercise.

Step 2

Consult your Chiropractor to see if this routine is safe for you and if it will work with your overall health programme.

Step 3

Where are your weak spots? Write down what they are. Ask your Chiropractor to help you develop a strengthening and stretching programme to build up the condition of your problem areas safely. This will help you avoid over doing it and make sure an injury doesn’t get in the way of reaching your goal.

Step 4

Health is the sum of many parts. When working towards a goal make sure you take into account your WHOLE situation – Emotional Health, Diet, Environmental Factors and Exercise. If you think you need help in a non-chiropractic area ask your Chiropractor to provide a referral.

Step 5

Reward yourself. But not by breaking out the Tim Tams! You now have the energy to try a new sport like “kite surging” or “scuba diving”. Enter a fun run competition, or take a well-deserved holiday.

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