Chronic Neck Pain May be Linked to Respiratory Problems

Chronic Neck Pain May be Linked to Respiratory Problems

Monday, November 28, 2022

A study published in the July 2009 issue of Cephalgia, shows that patients with longstanding neck pain may be predisposed to abnormal respiratory function. Researcher Dr Eleni Kapreli, Assessed the breathing patterns of a group of patients with a history of neck pain over the past one to 12 years. The mean age of the patients was 29 years old. Abdominals and chest breathing was assessed. 

Results showed that 83% of patients with neck pain experienced a changed breathing pattern, suggesting a relationship between neck pain and respiration. Patients with neck pain also had a statistically significant decreased maximal voluntary ventilation compared to controls. Common amongst the neck pain group was a forward head posture, which was strongly associated with decrease respiratory muscle strength. 

Dr. Kapreli Explained, “the current study provides support to the belief that clinician should have a ‘holistic view’ of the patient… even in the case of a common musculoskeletal disorder, other systems could have also been influenced.” 

This study supports the concept that spinal function, because of its relationship to the nervous system, can have an impact on many other aspects of health. 

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