Christmas and the Effects of Alcohol

Christmas and the Effects of Alcohol

Monday, December 23, 2019

Most people know that drinking too much Alcohol can damage the liver, but they may not know that it also damages the brain. Excess alcohol over a long period actually poisons brain cells, damaging them permanently. In addition, many heavy drinkers neglect their diet and may be deficient in vitamin B1 (thiamine). Lack of this vitamin may lead to memory loss. 

People with alcohol-related brain damage may show poor: work performance, aggression, confusion, suspicion and impulsive behaviour. They may be uncoordinated and have difficulty in walking, even when sober. 

If you, or someone you know, drinks too much and shows any of these signs, talk to the chiropractor about it. It's never too late for help.

Christmas is a time when many people gain weight.

Controlling weight is a matter of balancing energy intake (food and drink) and energy used up. Any excess is stored by the body as fat. 

An increase in food intake should be balanced by an increase in exercise. For example walk up stairs instead of taking the lift, or include a 30 minute brisk walk (fast enough to make it difficult to talk at the same time) into your day.

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