Ahh - Choo! Hay Fever Season!

Ahh - Choo! Hay Fever Season!

Tuesday, August 31, 2021 Ahh - Choo! Hay Fever Season!

The scientific term for hay fever is ‘allergic rhinitis’ - (rhin = nose; it is = inflammation) with symptoms including itchy eyes, runny nose, sinus pain and sneezing.

The local chemists can’t keep enough stock on the shelves for hay fever symptom relief tablets. Has the pollen gotten worse? Or are our bodies weaker and unable to cope due to our lifestyles? Instead of running to the chemist for a quick short term fix, the following contains information to bring awareness and some health tips that you can incorporate straightaway for better long term results.


Seasonal changes tend to bring out the pollen from grasses, plants and flowers. The body responding to an irritant is a normal function. It becomes abnormal when it overreacts and is usually due to much more than the stimulus itself. There are potentially more underlying causes than we are aware of or that we realise.


Think about this: If hay fever was solely due to changes in seasons, pollen, flowers and grass transported in the air - wouldn’t everyone suffer from hay fever?


Some people are actually affected more than others. Why? Research shows that the immune system is ‘overreacting’ by trying to rid the body of the foreign material. The immune system therefore is not functioning optimally due to a possibility of a multiple range of factors.


Healthy Tip to Get Started on Improving Immune Function:

  • Air out the house in the cooler parts of the morning. Keep dust and moulds at bay.
  • Minimise the use of chemicals that are found in commercial household cleaning products.
  • Avoid ingesting processed foods, namely processed wheat and dairy varieties.
  • Increase consumption of drinking water.
  • Incorporate use of herbal teas such as green, peppermint, chamomile and ginger.
  • Increase consumption of fresh veggies and fruits. Namely leafy greens, vegetables and citrus varieties of fruits for their Vitamin C content which is a natural immune booster.
  • Decrease carbonated drinks, caffeine and alcoholic beverages.
  • Deal appropriately with stress.
  • Teaspoon of local, raw natural honey.

Chiropractic Role:

Chiropractors don’t actually treat hay fever, however by maintaining a healthy spine through chiropractic adjustments the body tends to have less stress on the nervous system. When the nervous system is less stressed, the immune system functions better.

Whilst nothing ‘cures’ hay fever, prevention is best. In combination, the health tips have helped many people, so take your own personal inventory on where you may be able to improve in your personal space. If you have queries, please feel free to ask us.

In order for the immune system to work properly, the other systems of the body need to work together as a whole. Looking for and identifying the weak link(s) will assist improvement long-term.

Instead of suppressing symptoms which may provide short-term relief,

Let’s think long-term…

Let’s think preventative…

Let’s think wellness which has more potential to reward with increased vitality, less and eventually no symptoms.

Do your health a favour, and make some changes - incorporating better choices every day.


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